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Details Designed with YOU in Mind
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Details Designed with YOU in Mind

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Most off-the-rack clothing is designed for the "average" US woman, who is between 5'4" and 5'6". That may come as a shock to some, but when it comes to shopping for us tall women-- the struggle is real.

At Taylor Tall, our motto is, "You Deserve Clothing That Fits"

Tall women often need:


At Taylor Tall, we know women are tall in different ways. By focusing on women who are 5'9" and over, we have created a fit system that works for people with longer proportions.

Tall where you need it, fitted everywhere else.


Gone are the days of going up 3 sizes just for that extra inch. Free yourself from lengths that ride up and curves that squeeze you in the wrong places. We believe you deserve better.

Our premium fabrics and expert tailoring mean that styling your height is a celebration instead of a challenge.



Each piece is made just for you with TLC -total length customization- to the length of your choice. When it comes to your perfect sleeve length, hem length, or inseam, we've got you covered.

We also build our clothes with generous seam allowance, especially at the center back of our pants, so that you can easily adjust the size over time and never "outgrow" your clothes.

In an effort to reduce consumption, we will provide a $15 store credit for any alterations of mending work. By extending the life time of your garment, we are also keeping more clothing waste out of landfills- a win-win in our book.


We believe your Taylor Tall garment should feel different than every other piece in your closet. We hope to make shopping for your true fit effortless.

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