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Made to Fit Tall Women

You Deserve Clothing That Fits

Would you believe all of the clothing in stores is designed for the average US women who is 5'4"? Tall women often need:

  • lower bust, waist, hip and hemlines
  • higher proportioned pants rise, lower knee position, longer inseams
  • slightly wider shoulders, longer sleeves, lower darts and pockets

At Taylor Tall, we know women are tall in different ways. By focusing on women who are 5'9" and over, we have created a fit system that works for people with longer proportions. Women buying 3 sizes too big for them, just so they can have an extra half inch is unacceptable to us. We believe you deserve better.

Give Your Wardrobe Some TLC

Each piece is made just for you with TLC (total length customization) to the length of your choice. Whether you’re a 32" inseam or a 36" inseam, we’ve got you covered. Tall where you need it, fitted everywhere else.

Adjusted for Your Cup Size

Standard garment sizing rules use a common bust cup for all the sizes. This leads to clothing fitting poorly in the bust and armhole areas as the size increases. At Taylor Tall, we make adjustments to our size 14, 16, and 18 tops to accommodate and flatter a fuller bust.

To learn more about our sizing and how to take your own measurements check out our fit guide here.

"I haven’t owned a pair of pants in years – I completely gave up on finding a decent fit and simply stuck to dresses and skirts. I am delighted to discover a pair that not only looks stylish but also fits me beautifully!"

Emily - 5'11"

"I wore the High Rise Ankle Pant all day and didn’t want to rip them off when I got home like my other pants because they were so comfortable as well as flattering in the waist/hips!"

Brittany - 5'10"

"The Drop Shoulder Button Down is the perfect length and I love the clean-cut look, this piece is a staple necessity for every closet." "You cannot get this quality anywhere else- it’s lightweight, comfortable, breathable and made from natural fibers so it feels amazing against my skin."

Angela - 6'2"

"The navy Trapeze Top went amazing with the pants and also fit perfect in the chest where normally I have to wear my tops loose to fit appropriately for work."

Brittany - 5'10"

Sustainable Choices

High Quality Fabrics

Selecting unique fabrics isn't enough - we have to fall in love with them. We prioritize natural fibers that make a statement and incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Each textile is ethically sourced from NGO’s, fair trade weaving groups, handloom schools, or experts in quality fabric procurement.

Thoughtful Construction and Finishings

Taylor Tall clothing will last and feel good every time you wear it. By focusing on techniques to enhance each garment, we add thoughtful touches such as:

  • extra fabric at the back seam of our pants so you can easily get them tailored
  • french seams whenever possible to prevent fraying over time and to create a polished look
  • wider hems to create an elegant fall that is both slimming and comfortable at the same time

These finishes are an investment and they make a difference in design and durability. We also offer a tailoring and mending credit to help you wear your Taylor Tall garments for years to come.