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Cotton Crepe Infinity Scarf Mask Chive
Megan Gavin Gavin
Height: 5'7"
Size: 6
Length: FYI- I'm 5'4", so the scarf is just the perfect size :)
I would buy this scarf in every color!

Already I've given this scarf to my sister in Minnesota, one of my best friends, and my cousin who lives in the highlands of Rwanda. This scarf is perfect for a cool summer evening, a crisp fall day, and the chilly, chilly northern winters! I will be wearing my scarf for years. If you don't have one yet- what are you waiting for?! Scarves are for all seasons, and the face mask is discrete and can easily be tucked away so as to be invisible! And I for one love the option to cover my face to avoid sharing germs!

Free Fit Kit
Kerri Burke
Height: 5'9"
Size: 12
Very helpful

The Fit Kit is very helpful and such a great idea. It's not always easy to tell what the fabric is like or guess how it might feel from online photos. I think it's really smart to do this and lessens the chance you'll want to return what you ordered.

Smooth Finish Cotton High Rise Ankle Pant Neutral Navy - SAMPLE SALE
Kelly Larson
Height: 5'9"
Size: 8
Length: 31
Great work pant

Very flattering style and love the material, the buttons being towards the side is growing on me as well!

Height: 5'8"
Size: 10
Amazing masks!

These are amazing masks. Everything about them is great and I know those who made them were paid fairly.

Cotton Crepe Infinity Scarf Mask Chive
Meghan Cahoon
Size: 10
Fashionable PPE!

The scarf mask is a stylish, comfortable and a nice addition to the cold weather!

Handspun Cotton Seamed Top Black Navy Grid - SAMPLE SALE
Beautiful fabric and fit

Very stylish, fits quite well and the fabric is a lush, somewhat thick, fabric. Quite flattering.

Cotton Crepe Any Length Dress Chive
Cassandra Muileboom
Height: 6'3"
Length: 39”

Love everything about this light, beautiful and versatile dress. It’s perfect.

Height: 6'3"
Size: 6
Length: 29” inseam

The material, color and style is flawless! I get so many compliments when wearing this perfect fitting dress.
I couldn’t recommend her more.

Color is different than pictured

This shirt appears to be white in the photos, but it definitely has more yellow in it than meets the eye. It’s more of a beige/off-white color. It’s also narrower in the shoulders and wider in the waist than I had hoped. The front is also significantly shorter than the back, making me wish I had gotten an even longer size. The fabric is pretty sheer, too. That said, I do really like the texture and the hidden buttons, and I absolutely love this company for making sustainable clothing for tall women.

Handwoven Cotton Seamed Top Blue Dobby
Laura Tiffin
Almost there

I really like this top, however the fit is not quite perfect. The shoulders are narrower than expected, and I’m not particularly broad-shouldered, even for a tall girl. Also, the shirt is very broad in the waist area—I was hoping for a slimmer fit. Perhaps I could’ve sized down, but then shoulders might have been even more narrow? I really wanted to love this shirt, and I do like it, I’m just not blown away by the fit as I hoped I would be.