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Giving Thanks for YOU this Holiday Season
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Giving Thanks for YOU this Holiday Season

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This Holiday Season, we want to participate in the collective effort to shift the conversation away from how much we can get for how little money in a short period of time. This culture of rampant consumerism and instant gratification sustains systems of disproportionate wealth distribution. Not to mention how much it adds to the degradation of our planet from over consumption and the abuse of raw materials.

At Taylor Tall, we believe that purchases should be based on information over impulse. We encourage all of our customers to shop slowly, and want to highlight the importance of conscious consumption. Taylor Tall is a “slow fashion” brand through and through. Our clothing is consciously crafted and designed to last

We carefully select the manufacturers we partner with and invest in building a relationship with them. We pride ourselves on collaborating with fair trade organizations, non-profits, weaving schools, and female-owned businesses locally and abroad. 

We believe in creating quality pieces that are timeless and effortlessly fit. We want you to wear your favorite top for years to come. The quality of our unique fabrics and stitching makes each piece durable regardless of how often you wear it.


However, we want to THANK YOU for shopping slow and shopping small this Holiday Season, so we are offering 15% OFF of all made to order pieces through the end of November with code SHOPDIFFERENT15. This way, you still get a saving but have plenty of time to consider your purchase decisions limiting buyers remorse, returns, and more clothing in landfills.

Taylor Tall Gift Card PackageThe sale also features our gift card package, which includes a swatch booklet, flexible measuring tape, and measurement card to help you get the perfect fit.

We also want to encourage you to join us in contributing to the Native American community this Thanksgiving. We will be making a donation to the Native American Rights Fund as a small acknowledgement to the work that must be done to right the wrongs continually being perpetrated against the Indigenous peoples of this country. 


We are so grateful for this amazing community of tall women, and hope everyone is safe, happy, and healthy this Thanksgiving!