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Designed & Created With TLC
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Designed & Created With TLC

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At Taylor Tall, we know women are tall in different ways. By focusing on women who are 5'9" and over, we have created a fit system that works for people with longer proportions. We don't just add inches. Instead, our clothing is thoughtfully designed from the ground up to fit tall women.

“At 5'10", I quickly came to realize that I didn't fit into standard sizing in all my favorite stores. While working in the apparel industry I had the opportunity to really learn about fit, and understand exactly why garments weren't fitting me. Here's the thing - tall women are tall in different ways. Some women may be 5'9"-5'10" but have really long torsos with a "shorter" inseam (but still longer than "standard"). Others are 6'4" with a really long inseam, but the same torso length as their 5'10" sisters. Some women have proportionally similar torsos and legs. It really depends on the individual woman!” 

- Taylor McCleneghan, Founder & Creative Director

Because of these frustrating fit issues, many tall women have felt the need to turn to custom clothing. When you’re working with a tailor/seamstress or designer to create custom garments, you run into an entirely different set of obstacles. Custom clothing is expensive, unattainable for many, and usually takes many rounds of revisions before the garment is completed.



We’ve worked hard at Taylor Tall to find a solution for these issues, and have created a fit system specifically tailored to tall proportions. On top of that, each piece is made just for you with TLC: total length customization thoughtfully designed for tall women, and sewn to your perfect length. So while we aren't in the business of designing and constructing custom clothing, the way we create our garments eliminates the need for true custom. Whether you're a 32" or 38" inseam, we've got you covered.

“I started my quest to try the tall clothing market, but still came across hurdles. For me, I loved that some tall brands finally gave me the legit tall girl high rise I was looking for, but they only came with a 36" or 38" inseam. In big brand "tall sections" they had the 33" inseam that I needed, but hadn't really made any "tall" changes to the pant in the rise or taper of the leg. Hello tight calves!! My conclusion was: if I'm going to create a line for tall women - it needs to work for a RANGE of tall women. This is what Taylor Tall strives to do. ” 

- Taylor McCleneghan, Founder & Creative Director 

After interviewing and measuring many different women, we realized that they were commonly tall in areas like the shoulder to bust and waist lines, rise from seat to waist, and taper of the leg. The further 3-4 inch difference in height could be accommodated for by choice of design and custom total length.



To help you ensure a perfect fit, we created a free, downloadable Tall Fit Guide with tips on proportions, styling, taking measurements, and more. We also offer a complimentary “fit kit” that includes a measurement card with instructions, flexible measuring tape, and fabric swatch booklet. The fit kit is included with every gift card purchase— making an ideal gift for the tall women in your life, or a special treat for you!

Happy Holidays from the Taylor Tall team,
and remember to Think Tall & Shop Small
this gifting season.