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How To De-Pill a Wool Sweater
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How To De-Pill a Wool Sweater

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Wow! Who can believe it's already mid February? 👋  We’ve taken a much needed break from the blog & social media this past month as Taylor and Nathaniel have been traveling to visit with their friends and our partners in India. 

But now we're back and looking up for so many reasons. We're especially excited to share new releases in the next few weeks! In the meantime, Taylor is giving a quick tutorial on how to remove pills from your favorite sweater.

You only need one thing⁠—a sharp razor blade. Try to get one that has a guard on the top edge so it's safer to grip. You can find a 10 pack for $4.50 at Ace Hardware or online here

You can even use the razor from your safety razor if you have one, as long as the blade is pretty fresh. Taylor and Nathaniel recently came across the company Henson Shaving and have enjoyed supporting them with their plastic free design & recyclable blades.

Start by laying the garment on a flat surface. Then while holding the fabric taught, gently "shave" the pills off of the fabric by holding the razor blade almost parallel to the fabric and pulling towards you.

Taylor demonstrates the technique in the video below:

Make sure to start slowly until you get the hang of it to avoid putting any holes in your sweater with the razor. This method can be used on pretty much any material that pills, but always test a small area first to avoid damaging the fabric.

If you're worried about making this technique work, you can purchase "pill shavers" online. We recommend this one since it is re-chargeableno batteries needed!

Once you start to de-pill things, you'll want to do it to everything you own! I've even used this technique on my couch and it made it like new. Here's to making our things last longer and reducing waste :)